Nike Musical™

Dedicated to Nicole Toroosian

Scenes of A Dream

The marriage of the lyrical story and the music and movement it inspires.

Every time I lay my head on my pillow I go to this sacred land / Somehow beyond the somewhere I know, in its midst I do stand / I know I am searching for something, ending up with nothing, sinking deeper and deeper, faster and faster into the sand / And all I ever wanted, and all I ever needed was her warm helping hand

Silence sparked her arrival

Every time I lay my head on my pillow her hand would pull me through the night / She was a faceless beauty with celestial charms and she guided me with her light / But every morning I would wake up and every waking moment I wondered / If she was but a dream / Every time I tried to look in to her eyes / I was blind by the beam / Then one night she whispered to me softly ever so sweetly ‘I am not who I seem’ / With a sprinkle of stardust she vanished in to light and the silence began to scream

Silence shrieked at her departure

Ponderance took its place in my mind if she was not who she seemed then who was I / So I travelled through time and space looking for her face and every night I did cry / This merciless world with its unending twirl and hurl my passions began to die / Then in a last gasp attempt, tempting fate, temptation never knew such desire / I banished forlorn, fabricated dreams / Untangle, unwove, untie / I ripped them at the seams / Then with the strength of courage, the courage of a coward, I began to whimper / It was a childlike temper, a desire to be pampered; only fulfillment could cease such hunger / However, with a lull in the weeping just to catch my breathing, out from the shadows came creeping a faint whisper……


with the tenderness of a lily, saintly, smoothly, sexy, silly